Call for Volunteers

We’re always hearing from excited people who want to help out with WordCamp Hamilton but aren’t sure how. Here’s your chance!

We need a team of people who want to help make WordCamp Hamilton 2015 as pleasant as possible. Our volunteers help from everything from ensuring that the registration process runs smoothly to ensuring that we’re capturing video of all of the talks.

Apply to be a Volunteer!

Volunteer Roles

We’re looking for a number of volunteers with a wide variety of skills to help out throughout the day. Here are some of the roles we’ll be looking at filling:


Your role will be to help manage the registration table, ensure that attendees get registered and receive their badges and gifts. We also need people to act as ambassadors in the venue and help lost people find the rooms they are looking for.

Registration Manager

For this role, we are looking for someone to help us make sure the registration table runs smoothly during the day. For that we’re looking for someone who is not interested in attending sessions (or not more than one) and can be at the registration table most of the day.

Room Host

Your role is to help keep speakers on time, get water or supplies they need, assist with any questions they may have, and let us know if there are problems in the room, such as A/V equipment failure. This is one of the plum positions as you get to watch the sessions while doing your task.

Video Gurus

We need a pair of video gurus for each of our two session rooms. This position is a full day position so we can keep the video quality high and consistent from one session to the next throughout the day. Having a pair of video gurus in each room will provide built-in backup when one needs a quick break. The video equipment is provided.

Video Coordinator

You’ll be in charge of ensuring the equipment is set up at the beginning of the day, provide assistance to the video gurus if there are any issues during the day and getting all of the video together in one place at the end of the day.

General Helpers

You may not have a specific role at the start of the day, but there’s always things to do. Whether it’s helping to fill swag bags, helping people find the room they’re looking for and anything else that might pop up throughout the day, you’ll be there to lend a hand.

If you’re interested in volunteering, please fill in the Volunteer Signup Form and we’ll be reviewing them on a FIFO (first-in-first-out) basis.

Apply to be a Volunteer!

** We’ll be accepting submission until late May. Get your application in soon!**

Calling all Speakers for WordCamp Hamilton

Speaker presentingWordCamp Hamilton 2015’s call for speakers is now open! #WCYHM is June 6, 2015, but we intend to lock our speaker schedule in early!

Do you have something to share about WordPress that will benefit the community? Are you a dynamic and organized speaker who can engage an audience and deliver great value? We’d like to hear your idea for a 45 minute talk to be delivered as part of this event.

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This Year’s Tracks

We will be offering two tracks this year, one for beginners and bloggers, and another on more advanced design or development topics.

We’re looking for a wide range of interesting and informative content for diverse audience with a lot of converging WordPress related interests. So fill out a speaker application!

Topic suggestions

The topics, tracks and schedule this year will be entirely dictated by you, the Speakers, based on what you are offering to present. That being said, if you are eager to present, but are looking for inspiration, here are some ideas to get you started:


  • AODA Accessibility compliance
  • Building accessible WordPress themes
  • How to perform an accessibility audit
  • Finding an accessible WordPress theme
  • Accessible web forms
  • WAI-ARIA and JavaScript best practices
  • A11y issues from the disabled perspective


  • Theme development best practices
  • Leveraging the WordPress plugin architecture
  • WordPress Multisite best practices
  • Leveraging the Transients API
  • Development environment set-up and best practices
  • How to code with unit testing
  • Introduction to Backbone.js and WordPress


  • Blog writing 101
  • Using the new Media Galleries introduced in 3.8
  • Working with video
  • Creating and maintaining a bilingual website with WordPress
  • Enhanced comments with third party services
  • SEO best practices and plugins
  • WordPress basics


  • Women in WordPress / Girl Geeks
  • WordPress-related Open Source projects looking for contributors
  • Getting involved and contributing to WordPress


  • Pricing WordPress-based projects
  • WordPress project lifecycle
  • The business of WordPress plugin/theme development

See something you’d like to talk about? AWESOME!

Don’t see your topic on this list? AWESOME!

Either way, if you’ve got an idea, please fill in the Speaker Submission Form, and we’ll be reviewing them on a FIFO (first-in first-out) basis.

Submit a Speaker Application

** We’ll be accepting submissions until late April. Get yours in soon! **

Welcome to WordCamp Hamilton

We’re happy to announce that WordCamp Hamilton is officially on the calendar!  WordCamps are conferences that focus on everything WordPress. They’re informal and community organized, and are a great way to learn new skills and connect with others in the community.

WordCamp Hamilton will be Saturday June 6th at the McMaster Innovation Park.

Subscribe using the form in the sidebar to stay up to date on the most recent news, view the schedule of the sessions we’ll be having during the conference, and grab your ticket!